Sunday Selection: Danity Kane "Damaged"

Is it me or is it no longer wrong to like Danity Kane? I mean, damn, I used to sit in my room with the door locked and lights off playing "Sleep On It" so that I wouldn't be stoned (with rocks, not weed). Maybe I'm getting carried away, but it was the same thing with "Showstopper." I'd blast it in my car with the windows UP so that people would think I was listening to something interesting enough to dance to...probably by Beyonce or somebody.Not anymore. If anyone watches Making the Band 4 they know that Aubrey, Etc are wiping the floor with those Day26 guys. Now I'm not saying by any stretch of the imagination that I'd put any of them up against our musical saviors (whatup Amy?), but for some lightheartedness, why not?Okay, back to "Damaged." This song is kind of a jack from old school Janet Jackson to new school Janet Jackson, but it works. "Damaged" mixes subtle synths with hand claps, channeling the late '80s. The DK girls' voices come together nicely. It's dancey, but not in the cartoonish sense. Diddy doesn't even come in until the very end like he's Russell Simmons at the close of Def Comedy Jam. That means he has faith that they could sustain an entire song without his ad libbing. Good sign. If this track is indicative of the shape of things to come for Danity Kane, then it looks like they might just survive the Sophomore Curse. Roll your windows down when you place this one.