Sunday Selection: Jennifer Hudson - "Spotlight"

On Friday (May 16th) I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Hudson. She looked awesome – tall, curvy, and sexy! She’s come a long way since her American Idol days and has truly blossomed into a star. But anyway, I was given her new single “Spotlight” off her upcoming album anticipated to drop on the other side of ’08. I originally had planned to talk about Robin Thicke’s new single “Magic” that leaked this week, but since I have been waiting to hear something from Jennifer, Robin Thicke would have to wait. Not sure what the single would sound like, I thought to myself, “Would she be her belting her soul out in this song? Was it something for the clubs? Was it a love ballad?” Anxious enough, I put the song in my CD player and the first thing I thought was, “This has Ne-Yo’s fingerprints all over it!” She sounded calm, pleasant, and smooth. It was a mature ballad about being in a relationship where you become the spotlight based upon the insecurities of your significant other. After hearing the strong vocals of Jennifer in the past, I just automatically assumed this song would follow suit, but it didn’t. Even though it wasn’t what I expected, I have to say I like “Spotlight.” Written by Ne-Yo and produced by Stargate, this new single will create a good buzz for Jennifer all while getting her fans excited for her new album.Jennifer Hudson has been blessed to achieve major success based upon her unique voice. And the irony is, she’s just now dropping a solo album after winning a Golden Globe, after winning an Oscar, after being part of three major films, and all after losing American Idol. In addition to releasing “Spotlight,” Jennifer also has another new single out titled “All Dressed in Love” that’s part of the soundtrack to the long awaited film version of Sex & The City set to hit theaters on May 30 (which Jennifer also stars in).It’s often been said that what one man discards is another mans treasure. J-Hud proves to be just that. She’s just another jewel shinning from the city of wind (Chicago). You go Jennifer! I can’t wait to hear your new album.Until next week, y’all enjoy this week’s Sunday Selection – “Spotlight.”