Sunday Selection: John Legend feat. Andre3000 - "Green Light"

A collaboration between John Legend and Andre 3000 (aka 3 Stacks)? I never saw it coming but now that’s it here, like its title, I’m giving it the “Green Light." John Legend comes through on this track with an upbeat sound while 3 Stacks delivers a verse that will be judged by most Hip-Hop heads as decent, while others might beg to differ. Overall, I’m feeling the collaboration between the two, as they elaborate on getting the green light from their girl of choice. While the song has a strong resemblance and energy to a past single from Andre3000 (“Hey Ya”), the more you listen to it you find yourself bobbing your head and taking a strong liking to it. This song definitely has commercial appeal. Once you take a listen, you’ll see its potential to be picked up by possibly an automotive or liquor company. John Legend has been silent since his last album, but it looks like he’s back and has incorporated Hip-Hop back into his music. Until next week, y’all enjoy this week’s Sunday Selection – “Green Light”: