Sunday Selection: Keri Hilson - "Happy Juice" feat Snoop Dogg and Stat Quo

Will artists ever stop referencing or endorsing alcoholic beverages in their music? It’s unfortunate, but probably not. And singer/songwriter Keri Hilson, who has written music for artists such as Mary J. Blige, Usher, Chris Brown and Timbaland, is just another example that the answer will probably remain a nay. Looking to emerge beyond the title songwriter into the one of today’s newest R&B singers Hilson has re-leaked the single “Happy Juice” featuring Snoop Dogg and Stat Quo. This single first hit the airwaves about a year ago as a demo track, but is back on the leak, maybe as a cut on Keri's upcoming debut album this summer. While I can’t say I’m a big fan of the lyrics in “Happy Juice,” I will note that it has an extremely catchy hook, a hot beat, and the potential to become a hit amongst today’s Hip-Hop and R&B fans. Overall the song talks about the common thread heard in today’s music – hanging out with your crew all while sippin’ on your favorite drink in the club. And while that concept seems to keep shining, I have to ask - will it ever get old?? It just doesn’t seem very ladylike for women to sing about drinking and getting wasted off “Happy Juice” (Hennessey and Apple Juice) in the club. If it must be talked about, can’t we leave that to the fellas?As part of Timbaland and Polow da Don's label Mosely Music Group, Keri Hilson seems to have the look and the sound to get her foot all the way in the game beyond her start songwriting with the Clutch. And yes, just like you I’m looking forward to hearing her sing beyond drinking “Happy Juice."As a note of caution to all the clubs and bars worldwide, if this song becomes a hit you might want to get your Hennessey and apple juice game up, because the ladies are gonna’ be requesting it. Until next week, y’all enjoy this week’s Sunday Selection - “Happy Juice." P.S. – Happy Mother’s Day!