Supernatural Bringing Son Into Hip-Hop

Freestyle master Supernatural is out to prove that

the ability to rhyme runs in his family and will include his son on his next record.

"His name is Camouflage Hajj," Supernatural

told after a performance at S.O.B.'s. "He's going to be on

my new album. He's only 13 years-old and he's a full blown emcee."

Supernatual said that he never pushed the art

of rhyming on his son, but said that his son was curious as to how his father

made a living.

"I never forced music on him. It was a matter

of time before he started asking questions and became a full blown emcee. He

knows more about Hip-Hop history than most. If you wanna master it you gotta

know the history."

Supernatural said that his son started emulating

him when he was just three years old and since then, has been into rhyming.

"He's good, he's going to be aight,"

Supernatural added. "He can freestyle off the dome and he's a conscious

little boy."

In related news, Supernatural recently teamed

with Midway Games and provides the commentary for NBA Ballers, a new one-on-one

Hip-Hop tinged basketball game for the PlayStation 2 and Microsoft's Xbox.