Suspect Arrested In 'Get Rich' Movie Slaying, Canadian Official Wants 50 Barred

A suspect has been

arrested for the Nov. 9 slaying of a 30-year-old man in a Homestead, Pennsylvania,

after a screening of 50 Cent’s flick “Get Rich or Die Trying.”

Larue Graves, 30, of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, was arrested at

a hotel outside of Pittsburgh on Nov. 21, where he was registered under an alias.

Police also confiscated a handgun that was in Graves’

possession. Graves is accused of murdering of Shelton L. Flowers of Wilkinsburg,


Graves was on parole from a manslaughter charge in a 1993 gang-related

shooting in Pittsburgh.

The slaying reportedly stemmed from an altercation between the

two men in the Loews Theater restroom.

Although officials initially ordered that “Get Rich or

Die Trying” be removed from showing in the Homestead, Pennsylvania Loews

Theater, police now stated there is no link between the film and the incident.

In related news, 50 Cent may be barred entry into Canada, where officials are

expressing concern over his criminal record and violent incidents involving

the rapper.

Canadian Junior Foreign Minister Dan McTeague has asked Immigration

Minister Joe Volpe to deny 50 Cent permission to enter the country for his Canadian

Tour, which is slated to start in Vancouver on Dec. 3.

Because of 50 Cent’s previous criminal record, he requires

a special ministerial permission to enter Canada.

McTeague noted a surge of violence that his gripped Toronto

and singled out a shooting after 50 Cent performed in the city in 2003.

In that incident, a 24-year-old man was shot several times at

close range by two unidentified assailants as they left the Roc The Mic concert

at Toronto's Molson Amphitheater.

The shooting took place as fireworks were going off in celebration

of Canada Day. The gunmen were able to escape by blending in with the crowd

in the Molson Amphitheater parking lot.

“This is not a question of censorship. This is a question

of trying to protect impressionable young men," McTeague told the Canadian

Broadcasting Corporation. "There are indeed limits and restrictions on

freedom of expression, particularly if they incite hate or if they are the kind

of activity that is killing our young youths right across Toronto."

50 Cent is not the first rapper to face scrutiny from Canada.

In 2000, the country almost barred Eminem from entering, claiming his lyrics

encouraged violence against women.

In 2003, DMX denied entry due to his criminal record and detained

briefly, forcing him to cancel two concerts.

Recently, Jim Jones’

video to the song “Baby Girl” was banned from airwaves over “Stop

Snitching” T-Shirts worn in the video.