Suspect In NY Police Shootings Accused Of Killing Stack Bundles

A man accused of driving the getaway vehicle in an early morning shooting in Brooklyn, NY that left two police officers seriously wounded, has also been accused of killing Dipset rapper Stack Bundles.

Lee Woods, 29, was arrested on Tuesday for his involvement in the high profile shooting of two police officers early Monday (July 9) morning.

According to the New York Daily News, informants told police that Woods shot and killed Stack Bundles during what was labeled "a botched robbery attempt" last month in Far Rockaway, Queens.

Stack Bundles, born Rayquon Elliott, was a rising rapper affiliated with Cam'ron and Jim Jones' Diplomat/Byrdgang rap groups.

Bundles was shot three times and killed in front of his home on June 11.

Woods, who has been charged with various felonies for his role in the shooting of the two police officers, was labeled as extremely dangerous.

The two uniformed NYPD police officers were patrolling an area of Brooklyn shortly after midnight on Monday in a marked cruiser, when they spotted a BMW SUV driving on Rogers Avenue.

When they ran the SUV's license plate, it was registered to another vehicle.

The officers stopped the SUV suspecting it was stolen and as they approached from opposite sides, one of the passengers open fire, striking Officer Russel Timoshenko, in the mouth and throat, leaving him in grave condition.

When his partner Officer Herman Yan assisted and returned fire, he was shot twice, once in the left forearm and once in the chest.

"They were met within seconds by a hail of bullets," Assistant District Attorney Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi said. "The defendant acted in concert with two individuals responsible for nothing less than the attempted execution of two uniformed police officers."

Police found the abandoned BMW SUV blocks later. An intense manhunt began for the suspects shortly after the shooting, which was captured on video.

Yesterday (July 11), police caught a "winded" Dexter Bostic, 34, on a remote section of Interstate 80 in rural Pennsylvania, while another suspect, Robert J. Ellis, 34 disappeared into a huge wooded area and was apprehended around 8:00 am today (July 12).

Timoshenko, 23, is paralyzed, suffers from brain swelling and cannot breathe, while Officer Yan was saved by his bullet-proof vest and released from the hospital on Tuesday.

Woods is already in custody and is being held without bail. He has denied being in the car or firing any shots.

On Tuesday however at his arraignment, Wood's lawyer Patrick Megaro told a judge that Woods was in the car with a Tec-9 assault pistol, but denied that his client fired a single shot.

Woods has been charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder, two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer and weapons possession.

Woods maintains his innocence in connection with the shooting of the officers, maintaining that police wrote out a false confession, beat him, pulled out his dreadlocks and stuck a gun in his mouth, chipping his tooth.

He is being held without bail and faces life in prison if convicted.