Sway & King Tech Go 'Back 2 Basics'

Sway & King

Tech, legendary hosts of the syndicated rap radio program “The Wake Up

Show,” will showcase up-and-coming artists alongside veteran acts with

the release of their second album Back 2 Basics.

The title is intended

as a return to focusing more on lyricism, the pair explains.


all about giving talented MCs with a passion for delivering mind-moving music

an opportunity to flex their skills to the world,” said King Tech in a


Among the featured artists on the album are Common, Royce Da

5’9’’, Kam and Canibus, and emerging talent like Sly Boogy,

Crooked I, Kallihan, Self Scientific, Dirty Birdy and Verb & Rock.


going to help open the door of innovation and expansion. Projects like this

will come out to balance a lot of this cookie cutter, quick-fix music that is

out,” added Sway, who has played a crucial role at MTV. “These people

are making music that will stand the test of time.”

Sway & King Tech have already released Kam’s “I

Don’t Think So” featuring Tracy Lane and Rondo to mix show DJs,

and the first single “I Wish You Would” features Royce Da 5’9”,

Chino XL and Canibus.

“Our thing

isn’t to become rich,” Sway continued. “We just want to create

things that are rich in quality on behalf of the culture.”

Sway & King

Tech released their album This Or That in 1999, featuring the single

“The Anthem,” with Eminem, Jayo Felony and Chino XL.

Artists such as

Notorious B.I.G., Eminem, Jay-Z, and Nas have all been featured on Sway &

King Tech’s radio show prior to reaching star status.

Back 2 Basics

is scheduled for release in May, and music is available at www.swayandkingtech.net.

The track listing

for Back 2 Basics is as follows:

1. Intro

2. Everything – Sly Boogie

3. Watch Closer – Chino XL feat. Tracy Lane

4. I Wish You Would – Royce da 5’9”, Chino

XL and Canibus

5. Ill Hip Hop – Juice

6. Skit

7. I Don’t Think So – Kam feat.Tracy Lane and Rondo

8. Enough Beef – Royce da 5’9”, Common and

Chino XL

9. Skit

10. We Don’t Give A - Kallihan

11. Watch What You Do – Crooked I

12. Wake Up Show Anniversary (2000) Freestyle – Chino


13. Trouble – Chino XL

14. 23 Degrees – Dirty Birdy

15. Skit

16. Better Days – Self-Scientific feat. Tracy Lane

17. High Fidelity – DJ Revolution

18. Wave Your Hands – Verb and Rock

19. I Love The Ghetto To Death – Crooked I feat. Tracy


20. Outro/Hit The Deck – Crooked I