Swedish Hip-Hop Groups Land In New York

Some of the biggest

names in Swedish Hip-Hop will perform tomorrow night (Dec. 12) in New York at

Joe’s Pub.

Juju Records, Ink Productions

and the WESC clothing line will showcase the talents of some of Sweden’s

biggest acts – some for the first time in New York.

The night will include performances

by Timbuktu, Looptroop, Chords, Spotrunnaz & Damn.

Currently residing in New

York, Timbuktu is one of Sweden’s biggest Hip-Hop acts, with five successful

albums to his name.

He has had several hit singles

from different albums that have made it big in both Sweden and Norway, and his

most recent release Alla vill till himmelen men ingen vill dö (Everybody

Wants To Go To Heaven) has gone gold in both countries.

"It's a personal triumph

for us to even be playing here in New York,” Timbuktu told AllHipHop.com.

“I still can't really believe it. It's just f**king amazing!”

Timbuktu has been touring

all year with Damn and Chords. With sold out shows all over Scandinavia, Timbuktu,

Damn, and Chords have received over the top reviews for their live shows.

Chords is preparing to release

his United States debut, The Garden Around the Mansion, in 2006. The album is already available

in Europe.

Other acts in the lineup

include Looptroop, an internationally known group that has sold hundreds of

thousands of records and Spotrunnaz, a group that has been labeled one of Sweden’s

best live acts, opening for the likes of Nas, Tha Alkaholiks, 50-Cent, Xzibit,

Common and others.

The performance

takes place Dec. 12 at Joe’s Pub, located at 425 Lafayette Street in lower

Manhattan. For more information visit http://www.joespub.com.