Swedish Police Storm A$AP Rocky's Manager's Hotel Room Armed With Search Warrant

A$AP Rocky's manager says he has no idea why his room was searched.

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

(AllHipHop News) #JusticeForRocky continues.

While A$AP Rocky is being held unjustly in a Sweden prison cell after a fight broke out between him, his entourage, and some locals.

Many artists and fans have been showing their support, even there is a petition to free Rocky.

A$AP Rocky’s longtime manager John Ehmann had his hotel room raided on Friday morning after authorities slapped him with a search warrant in Stockholm.

According to reports, just before 8am Sweden time, John was awakened by four Swedish cops who barged into his room. The police officers took his cell phone and even asked for his passcode so they could examine any relevant information.

John, who says he was nowhere near the altercation when it took place, said he was completely shocked by the raid and had no idea what they were searching for. 

A$AP Rocky is slated to remain behind bars until July 19, at which point prosecutors will make a decision whether to drop the case or request a longer hold.