Swisha House Records Joins S.E.A.C. For Don’t Sleep On It Youth Health Expo

(AllHipHop News) Motivated with a desire to help young music fans, Texas-based independent music label SwishaHouse…

(AllHipHop News) Motivated with a desire to help young music fans, Texas-based independent music label SwishaHouse Records has joined forces with the Syphilis Elimination Advisory Council (S.E.A.C.) for the "Don't Sleep On It" youth heath expo. The event, which takes place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. today (May 1) at the Kashmere Multi-Service Center in Houston, TX, will include live performances and special guest appearances from various artists. Entertainers lined up for the expo include Keke, Yung Redd, Surreal, Lil Yung, The Underdawgs and Alley Kat. According to organizers, the main purpose behind Don’t Sleep On It is to increase community awareness of health issues facing teenagers and young adults, especially sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis and HIV.Community-based organizations such as Legacy Community Health Services, CCM Foundation, Planned Parenthood and the Houston Department of Health & Human Services will be on hand to provide free syphilis and HIV tests and free pregnancy tests to attendees as well as distribute information on programs and services they offer to the community.Organizations and vendors, who will educate Don’t Sleep On It goers on proper nutrition and mental health services, will also give information on condoms, safe sex and family planning for young men and women. Others participating organizations and vendors include Houston Area Community Services, Berry House, Inc., Strapped Condoms, Motherland Inc., W.H.E.W., MHMRA and KIPP Polaris Academy for Boys. The Office of the attorney general of Texas will be available to explain child support, while information on health, wellness and preparing for the SATs will be given by the University of Phoenix and the Sylvan Learning Center.Rounding out the Don’t Sleep On It expo will be stepping from the Texas Southern University Alpha Phi Alpha Delta Theta chapter and the Kashmere High School Gents Step Team. The MC J Xavier –hosted event will be covered via a live remote broadcast by 97.9 The Box veteran DJ Madd Hatta.Cost is free to attend the Don’t Sleep On It event, which will supply food, games and prize giveaways in addition to the information on health issues. Among the prizes offered at the giveaways are two laptop computers.For more information on syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases in Houston, visit www.dontsleeponit.org.