SwishaHouse Drops Third Compilation Featuring Debut of Paul Wall's Wife

SwishaHouse has released the third installment of The Day Hell Broke Loose, a compilation series designed to introduce up-and-coming artists on the Houston-based label's roster.

The discs also feature new music from notable SwishaHouse artists such as Mike Jones and Paul Wall.

The third volume sees the debut of Paul Wall's wife, Ms. Crystal, the first female and R&B artist to join the SwishaHouse family.

"On Part III we're taking it to a whole new level," said the label's resident DJ and CEO, Michael "5000" Watts. "Houston represents to the fullest and I have no doubt this compilation CD will break records by garnering the same amount of attention as any single artist release."

The Day Hell Broke Loose III includes the single "How the Hustlers Do It," featuring Lil Keke, Yung Red and Webbie, as well as appearances by Paul Wall, Coota Bang and Archie Lee, among others.

"The production is stellar and the lyrical content could go down in history as vocal masterpieces," said Watts. "As soon as people hear it they will agree that SwishaHouse is doing it real big on this one."

The Day Hell Broke Loose III hit shelves today (Oct. 17). Tracks from the album are available at www.swishahouse.biz/3.html.