Swizz Beatz Affair With Alicia Keys Drove Mashonda To Pills; Sleepless Nights

(AllHipHop News) Swizz Beatz’ wife Mashonda has revealed details about the couples split and how she found out hit making producer was having an affair with R&B star Alicia Keys. In a new interview with Vibe.com, Mashonda reveals that Swizz Beatz admitted to having an affair with Alicia Keys on Mother’s Day in 2008, six months after she had already learned of the relationship. “I didn't sleep for a whole year. I had to take pills to sleep because I'd wake up in the middle of the night crying,” Mashonda stated. “I couldn't even look at my son some days because I didn't have the strength and I never wanted him to feel my bad energy. It was a battle.”Alicia Keys is currently about five months pregnant with Swizz Beatz child. According to reports, the couple is engaged to be married. And despite a very public breakup and divorce from her ex-husband, Mashonda claims that she has never even spoken to Alicia Keys about the situation.“I wished we could have done it a different way. If she would just acknowledge me… I was begging for this person to just talk to me, woman to woman,” Mashonda lamented. As for Swizz, born Kaseem Dean, things in his new romance could not be better. In addition to being a father again with Keys, the pair seem to have chemistry in their careers as well. "Me and A.K., we just love music…when we in the studio, we work on a lot of things that ain't planned,” Swizz Beatz told MTV News. “We was just in the studio vibing on some stuff for her album, vibing on some stuff for my album.”To read the full interview with Mashonda visit Vibe.com.