Swizz Beatz Discusses J. Cole Executive Producing His 'Poison' Album

"Being that we got all these rings, we expect everybody to kiss those rings..."

(AllHipHop News) Kasseem "Swizz Beatz" Dean tapped Lil Wayne for the "Pistol On My Side" single. It turns out Swizz connected with another multi-platinum emcee to executive produce his forthcoming Poison album.

"Honestly, a lot of people coming from my generation - we think that we're bigger than the culture now. Being that we got all these rings, we expect everybody to kiss those rings instead of being a student of life," Swizz told Power 105.1.

The legendary producer continued, "J. Cole gave me a lot of direction on this particular record - from video concepts and how we're moving with that to taking the super-big records off my album."

Poison is scheduled to drop on November 2. Swizz already has additional projects titled Beauty and the Beatz, Return of the Showtime, and Global Mindset in the works.

"You gonna hear [the super-big records] on the other project. There's a time and place for the certain records I took off [Poison]. Of course, I'm not not going to let the world hear them," added Swizz. "[Cole] helped me curate the project to where when you press play, it goes. You don't have to stop."

Meanwhile, J. Cole displayed his rhyming talents on two recently released projects. The Dreamville leader is featured on Wale's "My Boy" off Free Lunch and 6lack's "Pretty Little Fears" off East Atlanta Love Letter.