Swizz Beatz Thinks New Rappers Should Pay A Tax To Hip-Hop's Founders

AllHipHop Staff

Swizz Beatz has an interesting idea: taxing every new rapper, so the genre's founders can have some financial stability.

(AllHipHop News) Swizz Beatz has called on the rap stars of today to pay "taxes" to hip-hop's founders.

The star spoke out on the issue during a chat with Joe Budden on his Beatz's Zone Radio on Instagram Live, where he suggested he wants to “raise a million dollars for each icon that started hip-hop."

“The fact we're not paying taxes on who started hip-hop shows we don't f##king really love hip-hop,” he explained. “The fact we don't pay taxes as artists to those icons that paved the way took the lower cut for the music that allowed us to feed our families.”

The star, real name Kasseem Dean, added: "We need to be paying taxes to the creatives of hip-hop that gave us freedom of speech to go forward.

"Melle Mel, Grandmaster Flash and Sugarhill Gang, minimum a million a piece."

The "Echo" hitmaker made the comments after saying he wanted to stage a rap battle between Rakim and Big Daddy Kane.

He also claimed that a similar face-off between his wife Alicia Keys and singer John Legend, in which they will both play the piano, is also in the works. 

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We elect you to give them the million dollars you fill they deserve🤔 So you are in school now, try another idea that will serve the hip hop community, I’m sure you’ve got ideas☺️


Lmao....fool please. So do I pay taxes to employees that worked the job I do before I did the job? Nigga please. 😂😂😂😂😂 He using the term tax? That's the wrong term bro. Cats will never agree to something that sounds like being strong armed. Nigga did Alicia sell him that shit? Quarantine got this nigga bugging. He would have been better saying there should be a fund created to HELP hip hop fore fathers. Not TAX.....