Symbolyc One: Superstar Rappers, Hit Songs and A Grammy Award

Waco, Texas native Symbolyc One is celebrating the close of a successful 2012, a year that saw the producer win an ASCAP Award and a coveted Grammy Award, for his work on Kanye West's hit album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

In 2012, Symbolyc One, who competed in national beat competitions hosted by organizations like iStandard, and Sha Money CL's One Stop Shop Conference, proved his worth after years on the competition scene.

In the past 12 months, Symbolyc One's productions have appeared on albums by Game, Xzibit, LeCrea, Talib Kweli, 50 Cent and others.

Symbolyc One breaks down the past 12 months for in this exclusive interview below: The year 2012 was a great year for you. You won two ASCAP Awards and a Grammy Award. Tell us about it.

Symbolyc One: 2012 was like incredible. My first Grammy, for Kanye's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album. For the ASCAP Award, I won for Beyoncé's "Best Thing I Ever Had and that was like the top R&B song on the urban charts for 2011. The new project just dropped and you have legends. You've got 50 Cent, Eminem, then you go on to the Maroon Five and Adam Levine, solo produced by you. How does it feel?

Symbolyc One: It feels great. Me and my wife, we've been tripping. Every day, we're looking at how everything is just forming and has catapulted into something just incredible. That song actually came about two years ago, You know to see it now sprouting and blossoming, it's unbelievable. You also have pushed through with Kendrick Lamar, Talib Kweli and Curren$y, bridging the gap from the older Hip-Hop with new substance.

Symbolyc One: I've been fan in since the beginning of time, of all of them. You know Kendrick being the newcomer of the three, he's been doing some amazing things in the industry. Overall, he's not just a talented person he's a really good dude.

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