T-Boz To Rihanna: I Don't Do Twitter Beefs. I'm Not Hard To Find (VIDEO)

T-Boz To Rihanna: I Don't Do Twitter Beefs. I'm Not Hard To Find (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Parts of this feud between Rihanna and T-Boz started over what T-Boz considers "booby cakes". Recently, T-Boz was videotaped responding to her recent back-and-forth Twitter exchange with Rihanna.

On June 5th, three days after Rihanna wore a revealing outfit at the annual Council of Fashion Designers of America awards in New York City, T-Boz and Chilli spoke with Australian news station Channel 7's Sunrise. Neither T-Boz nor Chilli mentioned Rihanna by name, however they did speak on the ills of selling sex and criticized artists exposing their "booby cakes". Rihanna responded on her personal Twitter account soon after by changing her Twitter background to a picture of TLC topless and covering their breasts.

Last night (June 26th), T-Boz clarified that there was not Twitter beef with Rihanna and invited her to meet up face to face:

There was just her exchange. I don't do Twitter beefs. I'm a grown as* woman. Okay? You want to holla, you know where to find me. It ain't hard. It ain't hard AT ALL and you know what I mean.

Check out TMZ's footage of T-Boz responding to the alleged Twitter beef between her and Rihanna below:

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