T.I. Announces New Mixtape To Be Released New Year's Day at Midnight

(AllHipHop News) Atlanta based rapper T.I. has announced that he will be releasing a new mixtape on January 1 at midnight.

T.I. took to his Twitter to make the big announcement, where the rapper revealed his plans for new music since his release from prison.

"Breaking News! Its official...I'm puttin out a mixtape midnight Jan.1 2012 called #Fuckdacityup Wanna be the 1st thing yall hear nxt year," T.I. exclaimed to fans via his Twitter account.

"When da ball drop...We drop!!!! Out wit da old,in wit da TRUE!!!! Atown.... Weeee Baaaaaack!!!!!" T.I. tweeted.

While T.I. plans to release the music project at the top of the year, the rapper is featured in his own reality TV show, "The Family Hustle."