T.I. Calls Don King A "Spineless Soul-Selling Coon" After Controversial Appearance With Donald Trump


(AllHipHop News) Famous boxing promoter Don King made headlines and became a Twitter trending topic yesterday because of his appearance at a Donald Trump event.

King dropped the "n-word" while introducing the Republican presidential nominee at a church in Ohio.

"I told Michael Jackson. I said, if you're poor, you are a poor negro. I would use the n-word, but if you're rich, you are a rich negro. If you are intelligent, intellectual, you an intellectual negro. If you are a dancing and sliding and gliding n-gger... I mean negro. You are a dancing and sliding and gliding negro," said King.

Trump and other Caucasians can be seen grinning and laughing in the background as King "accidentally" used the word "n-gger."

Atlanta rap/TV star Tip "T.I." Harris took offense to the moment. He responded to King's statement in an Instagram post, calling the 85-year-old Cleveland native a "spineless soul-selling coon."

And when you're a spineless soul-selling COON.... You're a spineless soul-selling COON-NEGRO!!!! U old Steven Off Django, Uncle Ruckus in real life, Hate-the-skin-U-In, Poor excuse for a Black Man,Willie Lynch endorsing ass COON!!!! Just look at how those rich privileged white men laughing in satisfaction AT U, because you're so lost in your own selfishness that you'd (even at this fragile state that the nation is in) SELL YOUR OWN PEOPLE OUT!!!! You're a f-cking disgrace to ALL GENERATIONS of black people, young and old. Your family, friends, and ancestors should be ashamed to claim your STUPID ASS!!! Now I see why [Mike Tyson] [Floyd Mayweather] [Muhammad Ali] & all your fighters ran your ass outta boxing.... WE as a people deserve better!!!! #DonCoon