T.I. Declares The "Best Rapper Alive" Must Write His Own Lyrics

The Hustle Gang boss also weighs in on Drake vs Pusha T.

(AllHipHop News) Hip Hop has always been competitive. Whether it's emcees, B-boys, DJs, or graffiti artists, representatives of the culture have battled in order to be crowned the best.

The rap game has seen plenty of contenders claim that #1 spot. There are many criteria to be king, and according to T.I., the title can only go to someone that's penning their bars.

"You may be the best artist, or the best entertainer, but the best rapper alive must write his own lyrics. He simply must," Tip told Billboard.

Of course, high-profile "ghostwriting" accusations have surrounded Drake for the past three years. The Quentin Miller reference tracks for Drake became ammo in the recent back-and-forth between the OVO Sound star and his longtime rival Pusha T.

Cardi B has also been connected to "ghostwriting" rumors. She admitted Pardison Fontaine assisted her on certain songs, but the Bronx rapstress claimed she wrote her tunes too.

In addition, T.I.'s interview with Billboard included the Atlanta resident discussing his Tony nomination, The Grand Hustle series, his acting career, Kanye West, and Drake vs Pusha.

"To be honest with you, what Drake said, it was one of the least dopest lines that gave justification for all the rest of the stuff that would come," said the self-described King of the South, referring to Drake mentioning Pusha T's fiancée on the "Duppy Freestyle" diss record.

Tip continued, "I think anything goes after a mention of the significant other, the person who I sleep with, who I have to lead, who I have to maintain my authoritative presence in front of - you compromise that, I’m going to have to show her that you ain’t sh-t. I’ma have to win in her eyes."