T.I. Demands That Fans Mind Their Own Business In Regards To Divorce


By ClassicOne Rumors.

(AllHipHop Rumors) T.I. is tired of y’all being all in his business!

T.I. posted a video on his Instagram telling any and everyone to mind their dang on business when it comes to his divorce with Tiny!

“News flash, if I didn’t call you to ask your opinion on whether or not I should get married before I got married, please don’t expect me to listen to your motherf-cking opinion on whether or not I should not be married! See you in Birmingham,” said T.I.

He also captioned the video with,

“If I didn’t need your blessings to get married…. if I didn’t ask YOU what I should do then…. What makes you think I need your advice now? Just sit back & watch the show in silence. Put ya phone on vibrate & extra butter on ya popcorn. #HustleGangTour otw Birmingham,Al tonight WE LIT🔥🔥🔥 & #FamilyHustle Mon 10/9ct @vh1 Aside from that…. 🤐

That seems to be directed at both the fans he’s been clapping back at on social media as well as Tiny’s friends who have been coming to her defense on Instagram.

T.I. also told a fan on the gram to stop living in the past and find something productive to do instead of worrying about him and his.

Some fans poked fun at T.I. off of the fact that he is a whole celebrity with a whole TV show about his marriage and family. LOL!

Y’all better leave Clifford alone!



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I agree with T.I.they need stop pickin and mind their own business just makin it worse they need to worried bout the government please stop pickin on them let them be thats all they ask