T.I. Ends Boycott Of Houston's And Gets A Job Offer

AllHipHop Staff

T.I. helped changed Houston's profiling problems. Will he take a job with the company?

(AllHipHop News) T.I. has ended his boycott of Houston's Restaurants and will work with the company to combat racism.

The rapper publicly announced he would be boycotting the restaurant last October, after several patrons of Houston's Claimed that they were discriminated against over there seating policies.

Over the past year, T.I. has met with executives Hillstone Restaurant Group, which owns the Houston's restaurant chain

According to T.I. the executives were willing to listen and Implement his advice.

We [are] all living in this world together to man. We gotta respect the differences in one another's culture. And we have to learn the differences in one another's culture to respect it," T.I. explained.

T.I. was so effective, that Houston's is offering him a full time executive position with the company .

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Now they want Tip to come work for the plantation.