T.I. Explains His Support For Chris Brown Following Rape Allegations

Breezy is no longer being detained in France.

(AllHipHop News) There are conflicting stories about the sexual assault allegations against Chris Brown. The Pop/R&B superstar was taken into custody in Paris this week, but he was later released without bail and allowed to leave the country.

T.I. was one of the celebrities to defend CB after the news broke. The "Live Your Life" hitmaker suggested Brown's legal situation in France was somehow connected to reports that he now owns his master recordings. Tip posted, "First this... Then RAPE allegations?"

In an interview with TMZ outside LAX airport, T.I. explained why he sided with Brown at that moment. He said, "It's just peculiar. I know him personally, I don't really know her. And there haven't been any overwhelming facts, to show me that what he's saying is not true. So, I'm gonna believe him."

The Atlanta rapper then referred to #MeToo, a social movement that calls on abusers to be held accountable for sexual misconduct. T.I. added, "The climate of society right now is empowering victims which is phenomenal. For women to find their voice and have the strength to speak out against perpetrators that's phenomenal, but ya'll gotta also realize that it is also arming people who have malicious intent and vindictive natures to go after people undeserving."

Chris Brown has unequivocally denied the rape accusations. The recording artist stated in a now-deleted Instagram post, "That b!tch lyin'." T.I. maintained Brown should be punished if the singer is found guilty, but he is not going to "hop on a bandwagon" without proof of a crime.