T.I. Files Motion With Court To Celebrate Thanksgiving With Friends

Lawyers for T.I. filed two motions yesterday (November 6) asking a judge to allow the Atlanta rapper to have visitors at his house on Thanksgiving (November).

T.I. is under 24-hour house arrest while he awaits trial on allegations that he attempted to illegally purchase three machine guns and two silencers and possessing a cache of weapons in his Atlanta mansion.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the motion filed on Tuesday requests that the three-visitor rule imposed by his $3 million bond be temporarily waived from 9:00am until 6:30 pm on Thanksgiving day.

The rapper also submitted a list of proposed visitors for the judge to approve, who must all undergo criminal background checks, as does any other visitor to see the chart-topping rapper.

T.I. is also forbidden from consuming alcohol even if the motion is granted. He must also pay for additional security guards to police the Thanksgiving Day celebration.

T.I. also filed a motion with the judge so he can hire workers to clean his yard, pool and house.

"He’s doing fine, he is very upbeat," T.I.’s lawyer Dwight Thomas said. "He’s looking forward to his day in court."

T.I. is featured in the movie American Gangster, which topped the United States box office, earning over $43 million dollars over the weekend.

Ironically, the movie features scenes with T.I.‘s character eating Thanksgiving dinner with his drug-dealing uncle Frank Lucas, who is played by Denzel Washington. T.I. faces up to ten years in prison.