T.I. Gives Low Ratings For Lyrics By 2Pac, Iggy Azalea & Young Dro

The Hustle Gang boss expressed his disappointment with bars from his own protégés.

(AllHipHop news) T.I. was the latest entertainer to take part in BET's "Rate The Bars" digital series. Without knowing the author, the Atlanta native had to give his opinion on lyrics by Ludacris, Iggy Azalea, Young Dro, 2Pac, Jeezy, Trae Tha Truth, Boosie Badazz, and B.o.B.

After rating Luda's "Southern Gangsta" 3/5, T.I. bashed lines from his own one-time protégé. "Switch" by Iggy earned a 2.5/5 because it just "rhymes and it's talking about things."

Fellow Hustle Gang affiliate Young Dro also received criticism from his label head. Tip said, "You can't just throw around threats. There's no real technique to it. I gotta give it a 2."

T.I. was also asked to rate bars from one of his musical influences - Tupac Shakur. The "No Mediocre" performer was not impressed with the legend's "Something Wicked" either.

"I give this a 1. I gave it a 1 because it's 'rat, cat, dog, fog, run, fun.' I'm done," offered Tip. When it came to his own record "Kingofdasouth," T.I. gave himself a 3.5/5.

Yeah, well T.I. or TIP, or whatever your name is, your bars ain't that hot either. Matter of fact, do you even write your own shit, or does Brittany Spears songwriters write for you too? I used to have a LOT of respect for you, but you're turning into a whiny pussy. Say that shit while Pac was alive, and he would've ripped your ass apart on stage, then prolly shot your midget ass.

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Damn I kinda rocked with you T.i but after you give any of 2 Pac work a 1.That let me know either you off that shit or you a fucking clown .I hope Flloyd slap the shit out you #youpussy


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For once I agree with T.I. Excellent grade!

This 'Rate the Bars' ish unfortunately is dangerous. It's potential to start beef, and bring the rater hate is too great.