T.I. Goes In On President Trump's Wife In Raunchy New Video

T.I. has a message for President Trump in a sexy new clip.

By: Ne’ Richa (@LiteShado)

**(AllHipHop News)**T.I. has never been tightlipped about his disdain towards 45, and he’s ready to go ALL out now, for the culture.

To promote his latest banger, Dime Trap, Tip solicited the assistance of a very convincing Melania Trump lookalike for a video clip that will definitely get people talking.

In the clip, which he premiered on his Instagram with the caption “Dear 45, I ain’t Kanye," a short intro sets the tone.

There’s new coverage with a reporter mentioning that Melania did not go to Mar-A-Lago with her husband.

Next, we see Tip in the Oval Office, and enters in Melania with a long jacket with the words “I really don’t care do u.”

He lights a cigar and proceeds to enjoy the festivities.

She removes the jacket and shows a blurred out bare ass to the world, then begins to twirl and twerk for President Tip.

They both begin to spray paint Trump’s face, and the video ends with another quick clip of the Orange Chief.

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Trash move. dude begging for attention


This album ain't bad


Ti hasn’t made a good album in 5 years