T.I. Mentoring Students In Macon, Georgia

AllHipHop Staff

In a continuing effort to focus his court-appointed community service sentence towards the youth, rapper T.I. will be on hand Tuesday (December 23) to speak to a group of students who almost lost their local community center this month.

The Grand Hustler/Atlantic Records artist will help the children at Booker T. Washington Community Center in Macon, Georgia understand the importance of the center, which announced earlier this month that it would shut down due to financial difficulties.

On Friday, however, an emergency contribution of $15,000 from the city of Macon helped the center get back on track.

After spending the weekend reconnecting utilities, the Center opened its door this morning (December 22) to children whose parents cannot afford alternative childcare during the holiday break.

The Booker T. Washington Community Center offers after-school programs throughout the school year as well.