T.I. Puts Sweden On Hip Hop "No Go List" Following Arrest Of A$AP Rocky

Tyler and Schoolboy say they will not be going to the Scandinavian nation.

(AllHipHop News) According to reports, A$AP Rocky is suffering inhumane conditions while he is being detained in a Swedish jail. The Harlem rapper was arrested in the European country for suspected assault.

Many of Rocky's fellow rap stars have publicly called for the Testing album creator to be freed and allowed to come back to America. Additionally, some artists are saying they will no longer travel to Sweden.

"No more Sweden for me, ever," tweeted Tyler, The Creator. Schoolboy Q replied to that tweet by adding, "I’m not goin nomo eitHer... #FLACKO." Rap veteran T.I. took it a step further.

The criminal justice reform activist posted an Instagram caption that essentially called for a Hip Hop boycott of the nation. T.I. wrote, "Welp...There it is... Sweden’s now officially outside of the culture on the NO GO list!!! Until they #FreeFlacko. It’s UP!!!!"

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