T.I. Replaces Kevin Gates At Jmblya As War With Probation Officer Continues

Kevin Gates's wife Dreka has issues with the justice system in Illinois.

(AllHipHop News) Atlanta rap star T.I. has been announced as a replacement for rapper Kevin Gates at the Jmblya Festival this weekend.

Kevin Gates had to cancel his appearance at the last minute, due to intensive travel restrictions imposed by his probation officers in Cook County, Illinois.

Kevin Gates is finishing up his probation after he served nine months of a 30-month sentence for felony gun possession relating to a 2013 warrant.

The rapper says he has completed all of the terms of his probation, but his parole officer refuses to let him travel to his shows, or even see his family.

His wife Dreka Gates issued a statement blasting so parole board for interfering with her husband's livelihood.

"I am coming to you on behalf of Kevin and just apologizing to everyone because Kevin is unable to make it to the shows this weekend and next weekend," Dreka Gates shared. "The Illinois Department of Corrections has prevented Kevin from leaving the state of Illinois. He isn't even allowed to come home to California where we live. Since he's been released in January, He has not been able to come home, not one time. We are doing everything in our power to get through this and work this out so that he get back to doing what he loves to do."

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My #1 Entertainer$
He has God on his side. I speak the truth.
God will use him...watch!


Good morning Mr. $ Mrs. Gates!

It is clear that a law or laws protect entertainers boundaries and court laws can be modified under certain ground rules which are understandable under the conditions for the arrest and time served...surely the Lord will have the last word. Mrs. G is intelligent. If the state of Illinois wants to be at the concert..
Oh well...he is an entertainer...their are many many many entertainers...so if he has to stay in Illinois.
He may have to do videos...live performances only in home! Mrs. G scan all tickets to the bank...call it a day...go buy an island! A chopper boat and jet!

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)
EditorYohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILE…