T.I. Responds To 21 Savage's Open Letter Calling Out "OG Rappers"

Hip Hop's generational gap is making headlines again.

(AllHipHop News) Once again the culture is engaged in a discussion about old school Hip Hop versus new school Hip Hop. "RockStar" rapper 21 Savage jumped into the conversation by uploading an open letter about the topic on Twitter.

The 25-year-old rhymer posted:

T.I. backed up his fellow Atlanta native with an Instagram post. The Hustle Gang leader wrote:

[21 Savage] lil bro speaking real truth tho. The fact of the matter is... There's been good,bad, great,mediocre artists,&otherwise in EVERY generation .... Even ours(2000s) , The Founding era (80s) & the golden era of the 90s. They're not the only generation to make "user music" either. Can anyone remember a Lil album called "The Chronic"? Or hit Recs like "Sippin on some Sizzurp".... Regardless of the subject matter...This is THEY TIME. Couldn't nobody tell us how to run ours,or make us sound how they thought we should... Live ya life & do ya stuff young'n. Just bare with us,&try to understand .... y'all n-ggaz kinda different & take some getting used to. As the elders gotta understand they're SUCCESS JUSTIFIES the CHANGE. The Numbers DONT LIE!!!
Can't hate on that.

This latest example of the generational gap in Hip Hop follows the recent back-and-forth between veteran producer Pete Rock and 2010 era rapper Waka Flocka. There have also been people of all ages, including 25-year-old Russ, questioning the current popularity of rapping about drug use, specifically after Lil Peep's death on November 15 from a suspected overdose.

They have to stop playing this horrible music on every station programming us to like it. I stopped listened to the radio because I don't want my kids listening to "use drug rap" while we're going on a family putting. Smh....

no one can make u like anything its simple u dont like it dont listen i just dont see why hate when these young brotherds r doing something positive with they life they could be out here robbing people selling drugs or worse killing people so let these young dudes do they thing

Wack rappers got dissed in every generation. The difference is, there's a greater percentage of wack rappers now. Calling somebody old because they dont like your garbage music regardless of the subject matter (which is even MORE one dimensional nowadays than ever) is a weak excuse. If somebody 20 yrs old called it wack, they would still dismiss it as just "hate". The last thing they would do is actually try to make better music, because that takes talent that's been developed and dedication. Nobody old is calling the battle rappers wack, so how can it be a generational thing?

Go take care of yo kids

Lyrics, content, wordplay. That’s hip hop. Don’t need fake singers, hype men, 5 word repeating , 🤡’s that are so prevalent in the game today. Kendrick dropped the gauntlet, anyone gonna take his spot?