T.I.'s Atlanta Restaurant Files For Bankruptcy

AllHipHop Staff

T.I.'s Scales 925 venture has come to an end.

(AllHipHop News) T.I.'s Atlanta restaurant Scales 925 has filed for bankruptcy, after years of legal issues.

T.I. had a 40% stake in the company, which had assets of $5,000 and liabilities of 0, when TIP's business partner Charles Hughes filed for Chapter 7 protection on May 1.

Scales 925 opened their doors in 2015 but closed down the following year, due to unpaid rent.

T.I. was also sued over the restaurant's employees over back pay they were allegedly owed, but they eventually paid four former employees $39,000 each in the settlement.

The rapper and his business partner also had to foot $43,000 in legal bills.

According to reports, T.I could be facing some legal action by the IRS, which may add to his current issues with Uncle Sam.

In February, T.I. settled a $1.4 million tax debt with the IRS, over income he earned in 2012.

According to reports, T.I. still owes over $3 million for 2013 earnings and $1.6 million for 2014.