T.I.'s Lawyer Says "Sleeping" Security Guard Called Cops Despite Tiny's Pleas

T.I. had some troubles getting into his own gated community this morning and he ended up in jail.

(AllHipHop News) T.I.'s lawyer has blasted cops for arresting the world-renowned rap star, after an altercation with a security guard in his gated community in Atlanta, Georgia.

T.I. was arrested after a verbal altercation with a security guard, who refused to let the rap star into the gated Eagles Landing neighborhood where he shares a place with his wife Tomeka "Tiny" Cottle.

This prompted a verbal altercation between T.I., a friend, and the security guard.

T.I. is being repped by powerful lawyer Steve Sadow, who blasted the unprofessionalism of the security guard.

"The guard was sound asleep when Tip arrived at the guardhouse," Steve Sadow said in a statement. "It took Tip sometime to wake the sleeping guard. Tip clearly identified himself and sought entry. The guard refused entry."

Steve Sadow said T.I. called Tiny, who confirmed the rapper was a homeowner in the neighborhood, but the security guard refused to budge and called the cops.

"When the police arrived, they were not interested in hearing Tip's side of the story and wrongfully chose to end the situation by arresting Tip." eventually called the cops.

The rapper posted a $2,250 bond after being charged with simple assault and drunkenness, while his friend was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

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