T.I.'s Neighbor Calls Rapper's Arrest "Unfair" And Says Guards Know Who He Is

AllHipHop Staff

One of T.I.'s neighbors is offering support for the rap star, who was arrested trying to get into his gated community.

(AllHipHop News) Leaked footage of rap star T.I.'s arrest has hit the internet, showing the rapper in a holding cell just hours after he was arrested at the Eagles Landing community in Atlanta.

The rap star has accused a sleeping security guard of waking up and "antagonizing" him for refusing to let the rap star into his own neighborhood after he forgot his key.

Even though there was no physical contact between the two men, T.I. was charged with simple assault and public drunkenness after he was admitted into Eagles Landing and came back to argue with the guard.

In the leaked footage, a very sober T.I. questions cops repeatedly about why he was arrested, which drew snarky replies from one of the officers.

"I have a right to come back. I paid millions of dollars for a house in that community," T.I. told police, who claimed they arrested the rap star simply for "acting a fool."


T.I. is confident that once the facts are presented the charges will be dropped.

He is also planning to launch legal action against bosses at his homeowner's association over the incident.

Earlier today, longtime homeowners in the neighborhood came forward to support the rap star.

Another neighbor named Vernessa Smith has lived in Eagles Landing for 13 years and said the security guards need to undergo training since this is not the first time such an incident has happened between guards and residents.

"The guards are at the gate, [and] they should be very familiar with T.I. and his family. They had interactions with him on several occasions, and I don't think that's fair at all," Vernessa Smith said.