T.I. Sentenced To Three Years

T.I. was sentenced to three years in prison today

(April 21) for violating his probation. The Atlanta based rapper turned himself in

to authorities on March 30, due to what he described as numerous warrants.

"Sometimes the past comes back to haunt

you, you just gotta deal with those skeletons in your closet," the rapper

told a Florida radio station last month. "I been hearing a lot of nonsense

as far as a cat having bodies and it ain't really like that.

In the same interview he said that he was not

expecting to do anytime, but revealed that he had several albums ready to be

released from his Grand Hustle label, should he have to do time.

Now he must serve at least one year and will

be eligible for a work release program. T.I. was on probation for drug violations

and giving false information.

T.I. is currently riding the charts with his

single "Rubber Band Man," taken from his critically acclaimed album

Trap Muzik.