T.I. Shooting 'Dope Boyz' Flick

After serving a bit of jail time which erupted into a nationwide prison controversy, T.I. is preparing to return to his roots of rap, with a new album Urban Legend, slated for a November 30th release date."It is a very diverse album with everything on it," T.I. told AllHipHop.com. "I am serious; I got more current things on it like my situation and the things that went on in my life."And the past year of his life has seen career threatening turbulence. The Atlanta rapper surrendered to authorities last March, to serve time for violating his probation due to a 1998 drug conviction.Shortly afterwards, T.I. became involved in a major prison scandal in Fulton County, Georgia, after an inmate escaped from jail as he shot an unauthorized

video.When the smoke cleared, one guard was fired and three more were suspended.In addition to the above drama, T.I. took on two lyrical feuds, one with

Houston Texas' Lil' Flip, the other with fellow Atlanta native, Ludacris.In order to give listeners a more intimate look at his life, the Atlanta rapper is working on a movie, "Dope Boyz" named after the popular song on his 2001

debut, I'm Serious. "It's basically about where my people come from, how we got started, the life we lead and the life we live now," T.I. said of the film. The Dope Boyz movie has no release date and is still in production. T.I.'s Urban Legend is being released as part of Atlantic's "Joint

Chiefs" promotion, in which the label is releasing albums by Trick Daddy, Twista,

Fabolous and Fat Joe. "We all played a different part in making sure Atlantic covers the whole country," T.I. said. "We all bring different styles, audience and markets to the table

and it is something for everybody."