T.I. & Suge Knight’s Son Address Funk Flex’s 2Pac Comments; Flex Responds (VIDEO)


by Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

(AllHipHop News) Funkmaster Flex had a lot of people in the Hip Hop community shaking their heads when he went on Instagram Live to comment about the 1994 shooting of Tupac Shakur.

The Hot 97 deejay claimed Pac initially shot himself during the violent incident at Quad Recording Studios.

Among the people to address what Flex had to say were T.I. and Suge Knight’s son Suge Jacob Knight.

T.I. posted:

Yo @funkflex Respectfully Bruh… on G-Code…. regardless of what YOU THINK the validity of your statement is, I was taught never to speak down on a dead man. Considering they ain’t here to speak up for themselves. When he was alive, you was on da air then…. that was the time to address this. NOT HERE, NOT NOW, NOT LIKE THIS!!! And I’d say the same to a n-gga from LA speaking on BIG.

Jacob Knight wrote:

I saw how all of a sudden you want to speak on Suge name you b-tchmade ass n-gga. Yall this man is in the same position as Cassie, he’s Puffys b-tch. 20 years later and suge gets locked now you come out and speak on the name? You scary and a coward. All you do is scream on the radio dont try to talk about a CEO who made the westcoast. Everybody from DEATHROW became succesful and I cant say the same for bad boy. WestSide to yo b-tch ass dad cause he didnt teach you how men confront each other.

Flex jumped back on IG to react to the criticism.

In a 41-minute video, the 48-year-old New Yorker claimed he was “not slandering the dead.”

He stated:

We just giving truth. That’s all. I’m just keeping it one hundred. Pac’s music – I love him. I love what he put down. I love what he put in the game. I loved everything he did. It’s just the lying about Biggie. He lied. He f-cking lied. He never cleared it up and then he died. Then Biggie died. I ain’t trying to start no East Coast-West Coast thing.

At one point, Flex responded directly to T.I.:

I was on the radio when that was happening, my brother. I was on the radio breaking Digital Underground on [WBLS] in 1990. T.I, you was 10 years old. So you wasn’t aware of it. And I’m not knocking you, bro… I know you’re speaking from the heart too. Your mom told you you shouldn’t sh-t on the dead, and you’re absolutely right. That’s all. I just wanted to say what I wanted to say. That’s just how I feel.

Flex spoke about Suge Knight:

I know Suge’s son had a lot to say. I respect your opinion, my brother. I went to your Instagram page and I see you’re a positive brother… You and your dad probably had some amazing times. But I’m gonna keep it super one hundred for you today. Suge Knight let greed and envy and jealousy seep into his heart and ruin his entire empire. That’s just my opinion. And I wanna say this with a straight face so there’s no f-cking confusion today. I do respect your dad for what he laid down in the music business, but I wanna be so f-cking clear right now. When he used to come to New York, nobody gave a f-ck. Nobody was scared of him. He had no weight over here. Zero weight. He used to come and stay in a hotel over in Fort Lee. He used to stay over there and sneak into the city. All of that is to say, I’m not disrespecting his hustle. I’m just saying I was never scared of him.

The live feed included Flex nearly breaking down in tears as he talked about Tupac allegedly lying about The Notorious B.I.G. being involved in the ’94 ambush at Quad.






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