T.I. Talks Getting A Heated Text From Candace Owens After Revolt Summit Clip Goes Viral

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

Tip wants an apology from the Trump advocate.

(AllHipHop News) The most talked about moment from this year's Revolt Summit in Atlanta involved an exchange between Tip "T.I." Harris and Candace Owens. The politically active rapper and the conservative pundit went viral for debating the meaning of Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan.

Harris addressed the intense conversation with Owens on his weekly expediTIously podcast. Killer Mike, who was also on the same Revolt Summit "Hip Hop & Politics" panel, was a guest on T.I.'s show.

"We had very candid discussions. We had very pleasant exchanges in conversation. Onstage, after the panel, backstage, we still were cool," revealed Tip about Owens. "I made sure she knew I wasn’t against her, that she was still a sister, and as a sister, I support her. I disagree with her, emphatically, but I still support her, and I made that known. And so now, when the media – I won’t say the media – when everybody got a chance to see the entire panel, they disagreed as much as I disagreed with what she said.”

Killer Mike responded, “Well, they weaponized her clip against her, too." T.I. then replied, "That may be so. That may have some merit. However, what she chose to do was send me a text. She sent me a text, privately… It really rubbed me the wrong way because I know I don’t have any ill intent, or any malicious intent, toward her. I want you to read - not aloud - but I want you to read what was said."

Apparently, the text from Owens included her writing some choice words directed at Tip.  The Hustle Gang leader did not read the message on the podcast, but he suggested Owens was upset about the public's reaction to the dispute in Atlanta.

“You know how I am, Mike. You know I don’t generally take being talked to or called names, and just basically being kind of berated. I don’t take to that very kindly or nicely," said Tip. "She’s accusing me, or should I say she’s condemning me for the response that the public had to the panel where we both had our chance to speak.”

He later added, "If we’re somewhere and she’s being accosted or anybody’s going to do her harm, I’m gonna be in the mix, just like her husband would. However, I’m not speaking to you until you apologize.”

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He was a dick! Maybe he had his feelings hurt. She should not apologize for anything. She wasn't even given the chance to speak. He just rambled on about slavery and ignorance, making a fool of himself. The ghetto came! Sit down and make stupid ass music and leave politics to someone who can justify their beliefs. You aren't a slave and never will be. You make millions making shitty music. Blacks wonder why they are disliked? This is exactly why! Maybe that's why you have the candace owens's of the world. She don't act like a ghetto gangster and has class. Get over it


They never gave her a chance to be honest.

Rightfully so because of her association with Trump but I'm saying tho' KILLER MIKE came to her defense because she was being HATED ON!


This that turn the cheek mentality and I dont agree Tip on this one. How can you still have love for a person who supports the oppressor? Do not listen to these rappers. They the same ones who make music bout selling dope to their own kind then get a podcast and turn civil activists.