T.I. Talks Jail; Previews Scenes From 'Takers' On Larry King

(AllHipHop News) Atlanta rapper T.I. made a high profile appearance on CNN’s series Larry King Live tonight (May 13th), where he revealed scenes from his new movie Takers. The movie, which is being released by Columbia Pictures, also stars Chris Brown, Hayden Christensen and Paul Walker. The flick focuses on a group of high profile bank robbers, who pull off a $20 million dollar bank job, which detectives are attempting to solve. “My characters name is Ghost and he is a part of a very, very upscale extravagant band of bank robbers,” T.I. revealed on Larry King.The movie is due in stores this summer, while his upcoming album King Uncaged is due in stores on August 17th. The rapper wore a pink polo top and discussed his year long stint in jail for attempting to purchase silencers and machine guns in October of 2007 during the hour-long conversation. “This most recent incident came from an attempt on my life and my best friend died in my arms and that kind of caused a state of depression, paranoia and my judgment was jaded and I just felt my life was in danger,” T.I. told Larry King. T.I., born Clifford Harris Jr., was released from prison in March. The arms purchase was done out of fear for his life. He noted that deaths of rappers doesn't seem to be high on the priority list of federal investigators. “Why Me? Why Tupac? Why Biggie? Why Jam Master Jay?" T.I. asked Larry King. "I mean, and if you do more research, you will see the death of a hip hop star is the least investigated. There have been no convictions on Biggie, there have been no convictions on Pac, there have been no convictions on Jam Master Jay. They die and then life goes on. They die and then life goes on."He expressed regret over the incident and impact it had on his family and career although he said he was content with his life. “They say when you are completely happy, you die,” T.I. stated. “So I am they happiest I’ve ever been, but I think that right now since I’ve gotten out of that situation, this is the first time I have actually taken advantage of and being able to enjoy the fruits of my labor.” Larry King attempted to wrestle information out of T.I. regarding his probation status near the end of the interview, but was met with a stone faced T.I., who refused to divulge any information. “The specifics of my probation and the conditions, I’d rather keep that, you, know,” as he admitted he needed permission to leave Atlanta to conduct the interview in New York. T.I.’s new album King Uncaged is due in stores on August 17th.