T.I. Targeted By Con Men In Phony Give Away Scam

AllHipHop Staff

Rap star T.I. is warning his fans not to fall for an online scam using his name.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper T.I. has urged fans not to fall for an imposter on Facebook offering up prizes of cash and cars.

T.I., born Clifford Harris, took to Instagram on to share a pair of screen shots of the fake page with his 8.3 million followers, warning them against signing up for the "free" competitions.

"A shame that I have to say this but... FAKE S##T!!!!," he captioned the images, which showed the Facebook user's name as "Tip Harris (Official Page)."


In the description for the profile, the conman wrote, "I'm the CEO/Manager of Tip Giveaways. I'll Be Contacting All The Winners On This Page. Good luck y'all."

However, T.I., who also goes by the nickname Tip, made it clear the contests have nothing to do with him, and highlighted a section on the fraudster's page which stipulates that winning participants have to send in cash in order to receive their prize.

"We are giving away $875.000.00 and a brand new cars to 5 person each......," it read. "Winner's are only required to pay 2% fee which claims has to be done at a western union or money gram (financial services companies) if you win..."

The message also included a line promising the winners they would hear from the hip-hop star himself.

"Stop letting folks finesse (easily sweet talk) y'all...," T.I. added as he continued his warning. "here's a tip... if it seems too good to be true... IT IS!!!! #NothingWorthHavingComesThisEasy (sic)!!!"

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There's a kid on Soundcloud. Idk here he's from he came out of no where but I found his intagam.
frazier636 is his instagram and his soundcloud is Frazier. ill put the links below.