T.I. Teams With Tidal For Education Fundraising Challenge "Tidal X: Money Talk"

AllHipHop Staff

(AllHipHop News) Grammy winning rapper Tip "T.I." Harris has announced a new artist-led initiative known as TIDAL X: MONEY TALK. The Atlanta native is teaming with the streaming service Tidal to help promote education.

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Tip and Tidal are offering philanthropists the chance to raise money for their communities. The entertainment platform will match funds to the most impactful fundraising proposal up to $250,000. Submit a proposal at www.crowdrise.com/TidalXMoneyTalk.

Since its launch in 2015, Tidal has also helped artists raise funds for various organizations through its philanthropy initiatives such as the TIDAL X 1020 concert benefiting social justice organizations, Usher's Break The Chains movement and college initiative, and Lil Wayne’s COLLEGROVE social contest for universities.

Read the flyer below to find out how to participate in Tip's TIDAL X: MONEY TALK. The winner will be selected on June 22 on TIDAL.com.

Tidal "Money Talks Education" Flyer

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