T-Pain, Fabolous Squash "D.O.A." Beef

AllHipHop Staff

In response to a recent interview by Jay-Z, singer T-Pain has clarified the reasons for the recent disparaging words about the mogul at a Las Vegas show.

Last week, rapper Fabolous via Twitter and a video displayed T-Pain saying “f**k Jay-Z” and chastising the emcee as “old” and out of touch with today’s music scene.

In an interview on Ed Lover’s Morning Show, T-Pain explained his ire came from what he perceived as Jay-Z’s disrespect to him earlier this summer at NY’s Summer Jam.

“This isn’t the first time I’ve said it,” T-Pain stated. “I called Jay and said yo, can you come out during my set at the stadium and do the ‘DOA’ song? It would be a big look for me and you. I embraced the song…at the time he said he was triple-booked in Switzerland. I’m ready to go on after a Jeezy set and they said ‘hold on because Jay-Z is about to come out.’ I said well Jay-Z’s in Switzerland, and they’re like no he’s not he’s right there. I look and then there’s Jay-Z. That’s one thing.”

While some may perceive the issue is trivial, T-Pain argues the situation was exacerbated once the pair got on stage together for “D.O.A.”

“Then the line in the song where he says ‘I don’t need nobody smiling at this’ he pointed at me,” T-Pain revealed. “And at the end of the song when I tried to shake his hand he said ‘good riddance.’”

In related news, Fabolous called into the Angie Martinez Show yesterday (September 9) and revealed that he and T-Pain had squashed their beef, which began after the “f**k Jay-Z” comments.

Fabolous tweeted a number of disparaging remarks aimed at T-Pain, who is a featured producer on Fab’s new album Loso’s Way.

Fabolous made comments about T-Pain after hearing disparaging remarks about Jay-Z during T-Pain’s set at a club in Las Vegas last week.

He also mistakenly responded to a phony Twitter account that read “f**k Jay-Z and f**k Fabolous.

“He was doing his set and then in between each song, he just would go in on Jay. And I was like I can’t be from Brooklyn and just listen to this, I just felt like I had to say something

“He text me and said to call him and I called him. I apologized really because I kinda jumped out the window a little bit and didn’t check into it before I knew what I was doing, so I apologized for that. And he explaining the whole thing with Jay, how he felt like Jay was coming at him a little bit.”