T-Pain, Pitbull Remake Miami Dolphins Fight Song

AllHipHop Staff

Florida rappers T-Pain and Pitbull have been tapped by the Miami Dolphins to create the NFL Football team’s new fight song.

Their song, along with a version by soft-rocker Jimmy Buffett made its debut last night (August 7) during a celebration held at the Versace mansion on South Beach with Miami Dolphins owner Stephen M. Ross.

Ross is attempting to bring star power to boost awareness about The Dolphins, in attempt to boost attendance at the team’s Land Shark Stadium.

"The new fight theme songs by Jimmy Buffett and T-Pain feat. Pitbull will be introduced for '09/10 season,'' Miami Dolphins spokesman Elliot Stares said. "The original fight song will never be obsolete and will remain on the musical agenda.''

The words to the new fight songs are the same as the original, with updated music.

In addition to the new songs by T-Pain, Pitbull and Jimmy Buffett, Ross tapped neo-pop artist Romero Britto to design colorful paintings and sculptures that will adorn the new Land Shark Stadium.

Just last month, Latin music superstar Marc Anthony purchased a small portion of the Dolphins from Ross, who hopes to cash in on the star power of Anthony and his wife, Jennifer Lopez.