T. Pain Planning A Return To Rap

T.Pain is a unique

sort of crooner, who brands his R&B style "Hard & B," for its

reality-based approach.

But, Pain has only been singing roughly 9 months and the Tallahassee,

Florida native was a rapper beforehand.

Despite the success of his hit single “I’m Sprung,”

T. Pain reckons he'll return to Rap music on his next album.

"I'm definitely going to have to go back to rapping,"

Pain told AllHipHop.com. "Yeah I think ill switch it up on the next album.

The R&B s**t still going to be there. I aint going to totally push back.

It's not just totally R&B right now."

Pain, born Faheem Najm, began rapping at the age of 10 and converted

his bedroom into a studio equipped with a keyboard, beat machine and four-track


However, the 20-year-old singer opted to re-focus his career

even though he had moderate success with groups like Nappy Headz.

"It just felt better," he explained. "It was

a better feeling. It was crazy. At the time R&B wasn't cool like that. N**as

was like 'Don't be doing that singing s**t. You an R&B n***a now.' It was

a big decision for me so I was like f**k it. It feels better so that's what

I'm doing."

Without the approval of friends and disenchanted with commercial

R&B, Pain crafted a merger of his two musical loves and labeled it “Hard

& B.”

"I aint give a damn if anybody liked the [Hard & B]

s**t or not. I just wanted to do it. It was just what I felt at the time. That's

all that counted to me," he concluded.

T-Pain's debut

I’m Sprung is set to hit stores on Dec. 6.