T-Pain’s Father Blasts Akon Over Business Practices

AllHipHop Staff

Shaheed Najm, father and former manager of superstar artist T-Pain, is lashing out at Akon for allegedly creating a permanent emotional and financial rift with his son.

In an interview with Ozone magazine, Najm details the entire situation, which reportedly began during T-Pain’s negotiations to sign with Akon’s Konvict Music.

According to Najm, his services as his son’s manager were lost after Akon and his brother Bu spread lies to T-Pain behind his back.

“Unknown to me, they were having different discussions behind the scenes. Akon had my son signing papers without contacting me, knowing that I’m his manager,” Najm stated. “[Akon and Bu] spread rumors that I’m on crack. Most folks don’t know this, but I’m on a waiting list for a heart transplant. I’ve had a triple bypass and a stroke since dealing with the Nappy Headz. For them to disgrace me like this and treat me like a bad daddy – that’s why I’m fighting back. I’ve let a lot of things go without commenting out of respect for my son. And I didn’t sue to get my money because that’s my child. I love him more than I love money.”

What damaged Najm’s relationship with his son the most was a 2005 interview where T-Pain alleged his father requested a $250,000 payoff for his earlier management services.

While he admits to requesting money, Najm clarifies that the amount was greatly exaggerated.

“T-Pain said in an interview that I so-called blackmailed him for$250,000. I am the first black male in the damn family,” Najm fumed. “I am the original black male. (laughs). But I never tried to blackmail him for $250.000. That’s a goddamn lie. I’ve never asked him for $250,000 to pay my bills. I asked him to give me and his mother one show per month and let us split the proceeds. At the time he was only making $20,000 a show. One show a month. He was doing a whole bunch of shows. That’s nothing big to ask for. I’ve never asked for $250,000 and I really don’t appreciate being lied on. I’ve heard all kinds of stuff, but when you challenge me as a man and as a father, I hate that with a passion.”

Najm still professes to love his son deeply, and to end any hostilities has chosen to keep out of his son’s professional career.

Regarding Akon, he states their animosity has not subsided.

“Akon and Bu are nasty ass n*ggas. They’re supposed to be Muslims but there’s nothing Islamic about what they did to my family,” he stated. “I’ll slap the s**t out of Akon. He’s a thieving, un-Islamic, back-stabbing p***y. Put that in the book. I’m hotheaded enough to tell him that to his face…Now when [T-Pain] comes to town, I graciously honor him for his accomplishments and keep my old ass at home.”

At press time, T-Pain nor Akon could be reached for comment.