T-Pain's Mom Crushes Competition And Launches Catering Business

T-Pain's mom is an award-winning chef, and now he's backing her new business.

(AllHipHop News) Superstar producer T-Pain is supporting his mom's new catering company as one of her first clients.

Aliyah “Mamapain” Najm just launched her own private catering company called Goldfire Private Chefs.

Goldfire Private Chefs works with the most experienced and talented chefs in Atlanta.

Mamapain honed her cooking skills in Tallahassee, Florida where she owned and operated a restaurant with her ex-husband.

The experience came in handy last year, when Mamapain took home first prize on Food Network’s hit television show, ‘The Clash of the Grandmas’."

"As I maintain my independence, creating Goldfire Private Chefs allows me to capture the hearts of people through great food and professional service. I am confident and proud of our team of extraordinary chefs. We are here and ready to serve you,” stated owner, Aliyah Najm

Goldfire Private Chefs work with their clients to help with meal planning, shopping, cooking and preparing meals for special events.

The company is already providing daily meal plans for T-Pain, who was more than willing to trust his mom's expertise for his birthday bash.

"This was an opportunity for me to support a dream of my mother. Goldfire Private Chefs catered my birthday party and all of the guests loved the food as it was full of flavor," T-Pain said. "In addition, they provide daily meal plans for me. The chefs are professional as they provide various cuisines with exceptional presentation."


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