T-Pain Talks Accident; Resumes Tour

AllHipHop Staff

Days after reportedly losing teeth in a golf cart accident, rapper/singer T-Pain set the record straight regarding the incident, with a return to the stage Sunday (March 29) as part of Lil Wayne’s I Am Music Tour.

In a video posted on VladTV.com, the entertainer is seen with his dancers performing his hit DJ Kahled collaboration “I’m So Hood.”

Following the performance and an urging to buy his latest album, Thr33 Ringz, T-Pain confirmed that that he was involved in the accident.

Media sources report the producer lost four teeth in the accident, which occurred Friday (March 27) and resulted in cuts and abrasions on T-Pain’s face.

“So check this out. There’s a lot of talk goin’ round about how T-Pain flipped over a damn golf cart. That’s f****n true,” T-Pain admitted to concertgoers at the Gibson Amphitheater in Universal City, California. “Ladies and gentleman I bust my a**. I would show you the marks but I do not want to pull my pants down right now.”

Because of the accident, T-Pain was unable to perform Friday at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California as one of the acts billed for the I Am Music tour.

In addition, the hitmaker missed a video shoot for the video to Lil Kim’s latest single “Download.”

Although reps for HP Pavilion and Lil Kim confirmed the accident, Sunday’s concert marked the first time T-Pain has spoken out about the incident.

“My a** is on fire right now. My s**t is hurtin’ so bad right now it’s crazy,” said the beatmaker, who confessed to having his teeth worked on moments after the accident. “My side hurt. My mouth hurt. I lost some teeth. I got that fixed the next day. Rich n***a teeth. Yes, I got that fixed the same day,” T-Pain said.

Despite coming out to perform, T-Pain acknowledged he may have fell short of fan expectations as he apologized for not being able to give his all to the show.

“If I was any less of a showman today than I usually am I am so sorry. I did not mean to Britney Spears y’all a**,” he stated. “I appreciate y’all comin out to see us. I’ma always keep it hood. No matter what man I’ma get on this stage. I don’t give a fuck how many golf carts I flip over… I’ma always stay hard for y’all. I’ma always stay true. I’ma keep it real for my fans everyday and every night.”