Tab "Turk" Virgil Denies Shooting Allegations

Former Hot Boy Tab "Turk" Virgil Jr. has come forward to deny shooting a police officer, or even having a gun in his possession.In an exclusive interview with Memphis Tennessee's Channel 3 News, Virgil categorically denied all of the allegations."I've never shot a police [officer], I've never owned a gun, I've never seen a gun," Virgil said.Virgil, 22, explained that he heard gun shots as police entered the house and hid in a closet."I'm scared praying. I hear boom boom. I don't hear any police say 'knock knock.'"In the chaos, two officers were wounded. S.W.A.T. team officer Chris Harris was shot three times, in the jaw, hip and leg.Another officer was shot in the neck, but officials are reviewing ballistic tests to determine if he was hit by another officers errant bullet."They called me out and they wanted to beat me," Virgil said. "I never saw a search warrant, I never know what I was being arrested for."Officers were seeking a cache of heroin, but instead found small amounts of marijuana and drug paraphenilia.Virgil said he was in Memphis attempting to escape the allure of the highly addictive drug, heroin."I've been having drug problems since I was 14. Off and on battling heroin."Virgil, who is due back in court February 18, is charged with attempted murder. "I never fired a gun, never," Virgil added. "I've never even seen a gun, never."