Taiwenese Rapper Refuses To Apologize For Lyrics, Faces 2 Years In Prison

Former pop/rap

group L.A. Boyz member, Jeff Huang, was indicted this week (Aug. 11) for a three-year-old

song with threatening lyrics towards Taiwanese lawmakers Huang, who was

also a member of the rap group Machi, is accused of threatening Taiwan government

officials on various songs, in response to a 2003 amendment to change copyright

laws that would have limited artists' compensation from legal download sites.Prosecutors

claim Huang threatened 43 legislators, including former Democratic Progressive

Party Legislator Chiu Yi-ying. Officials say Huang accused the legislators of

"murdering the music industry in Taiwan" and "being bribed by website


lyrics warned legislators to be on alert and implied some might die unexpected

deaths. Yi-Ying said Huang insulated her and other lawmakers and threatened her

personal safety. Yi-ying

and other officials claim it is inappropriate for a singer to list the names of

legislators and criticize them in such a manner.The

new indictment marks the second time legal action has been brought against Huang.

The rapper said several lawmakers tried to press charges against him, but were

unsuccessful in their attempts. "[Huang]

may have misunderstood, or simply did not understand the background of what we

have been doing," Chiu said. "I just need an apology [to drop the lawsuit].

That is all."Huang

refuses to apologize for criticizing Yi-Ying and the other officials."I

do not understand why I should apologize," Huang told reporters. "If

she criticizes my music, I am more than happy to accept it. But she is complaining

about the truth, and I will not compromise when it comes to that."Other

musicians are supporting Huang and some fans of the rapper called Yi-ying's office

to voice their support, while others allegedly verbally abused Yi-ying's assistants.