Talib Kweli Explains The Bigger Issue With Being Blocked On Twitter

Talib Kweli Explains The Greater Issue With Being Blocked On Twitter

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Talib Kweli was locked out of his Twitter account after refusing to remove the business details of a Texas lawyer who has posted racist and homophobic threats online.

The "Get By" hitmaker fell foul of Twitter officials after calling out the user @realjvld for attacking multiple people online using inappropriate slurs, posts which have since gotten him suspended from the social media site.

Kweli discovered the man behind the account was a practicing lawyer registered with the Texas Bar Association and decided to share his company information, which is publicly available on the Internet, with his followers as a warning against hiring his services.

The tweet prompted Twitter bosses to intervene, accusing Kweli of "inciting harassment," and giving him the choice of either deleting the message or being blocked from accessing his profile.

The hip-hop star stood by his actions and was subsequently prevented from logging on to his Twitter page, so he took to Instagram and Facebook to alert fans to his predicament.

"So @twitter just locked my account because I refused to delete the address and phone number of the lawyer that posted this tweet as well as many other violent tweets about murdering ppl (people), calling ppl nger and fgot," he captioned a collage of the lawyer's offensive posts, which included a picture of a noose and the words: "Look good and hard at this picture you fking nger. It's where I am going to put your neck."

Kweli went on to defend his decision to share the lawyer's contact information online, arguing he is simply doing his "duty for humanity".

Talib also issued a detailed statement to AllHipHop.com in regards to his greater issue with Twitter:

“Twitter saw fit to suspend him from Twitter but they think my posting of his public business address is to incite harassment.This essentially means they only care about their culpability, but they don't care about the community this ‘lawyer’ serves in real life.A lawyer who does this should have his very public contact info shared by everyone so that we as a community can demand accountability.

If someone is claiming to be a defense attorney and they are making extremely disparaging remarks, unprompted, to and about women, black people, anti-fascists, gay people on top of threatening to kill these people, shouldn't the community he serves have be able to have a place to call or an address to visit to express their grievances?If that is not the time to tell someone to contact a business when is?Getting back on Twitter is not my concern.

Allowing a major corporation to say I harassed someone who tweeted me out of the blue making wild racist threats at me and those who support me is.There is a community outside of Twitter that the lawyer is still a threat to. How can you not care about that community?”

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Absolutely correct. Imagine the people who's cases he mishandled on purpose because of their skin color or sexual orientation? Smh....