Talib Kweli Says DJ'ing "Opens A New Pleasure Center In His Brain"

Talib Kweli is turning his passion for turntablism into a new career. Read more.

(AllHipHop News) Rap Legend Talib Kweli is well known for his prowess on the microphone and his dedication to activism.

Now, Talib Kweli is exploring A new career, as a DJ.

Talib has linked up with a local bar in Cincinnati, called Revel OTR, where he hosts a monthly event.

According to Talib, the monthly party allows him to hold his DJ skills as he pursues a career behind the turntables.

Talib said he decided to do the event at Revel, after his associate Buggs Tha Rocka put him on to the local venue.

Being a DJ opens a new pleasure center in my brain. It's something that is very intoxicating."

The rapper is currently preparing for an upcoming gig at the Over-The-Rhine winery, on November 25 to promote his new album Radio Silence.

Take a look at the flyer: